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I write books that become screenplays to be produced & directed into TV shows and/or Movies for your Edutainment!! Actors, Producers, Directors, People of the.

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Host Beth Greer interviews pediatric nutrition expert Judy Converse MPH RD LD, who helps repair medically-fragile children from the inside out with nutrient diagnostic testing and by changing their foods and nutrition. The kids Judy treats have serious conditions that have been resistant to traditional medical treatments such as autism, Down's syndrome, severe allergies, seizure disorders or they are being tube fed.

By working with their doctors and using her integrative nutritional approach she has helped kids avoid serious surgeries and not only heal, but thrive. Jason Bawden-Smith founded one of the largest and most successful environmental companies in Australia, and is the founder of his passion, EMF Warriors. Guest: Jeffrey Smith, leading spokesperson, author and filmmaker on the health dangers of GMOs Genetically Modified Organisms and the threat they pose to our children's health. Jeffrey Smith is an internationally-renowned expert and consultant to world leaders on the health dangers of GMOs.

Lori Dennis is a psychotherapist in private practice in Toronto, Canada who learned firsthand about the complicated trek from "no answers" to diagnosis and continued recovery when her son became ill with chronic Lyme disease. Through his practice, he learned that ADHD is a medical disorder in which genetic, neurological, nutritional and environmental factors imbalance the brain causing imbalanced behavior.

He lectures throughout the US and Canada on integrative therapies for mental health and is the author of six books including his latest, Finally Focused, describing integrative therapies for ADHD. Join us for the first of a multi-part series about endometriosis and menstrual health. She is also an endometriosis survivor and advocate.

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How are these disorders connected? Which prevalent toxic chemicals cause the most concern? When it comes to toxins in our food, what should we eat and avoid? Does eating organic make a difference? How about toxins in vaccines? How do we sort out the scoop from the spin?

Where are the biggest areas of disconnect between the scientific literature and what we read in the mainstream press about food and vaccines? Stephanie Seneff gets down to brass tacks and points the finger squarely at the toxic chemicals in food and vaccines.

Together, these poisons work synergistically to erode our health. Two of the most significant poisons are glyphosate in the herbicide Roundup and aluminum. These substances have become so common in our environment that we mistakenly dismiss them as harmless. She can also explain sleep disorders, which are associated with many neurological diseases, and which are rising in frequency in the US in step with the rise in the use of Roundup on core crops.

Stephanie has authored over peer-reviewed journal and conference proceedings papers. Since , she has focused on nutrition, health, and the environment, and has published over a dozen papers on these topics in medical and biological journals. Her most recent research is on the pervasive toxicants: aluminum and glyphosate. When it spread to her family and neighbors , she embarked on a 20 year medical journey to figure out what was wrong. Doctors had no answers and worse, exhibited hostility, rejection, and no sense of urgency to help her family.

Polly persevered. Her story is riveting and inspiring. There are parallels with modern day chronic disorders autism comes to mind and offers hope to parents engaged in a similar battle for recognition and resources towards prevention, treatment, and a cure. He was first stricken with Lyme Disease in as a senior in high school, before the disease had been identified.

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He was captain of the varsity soccer team and hobbled around with swollen joints during the final game of his career. The disease caused massive swelling and joint dislocation in his left knee, and sidelined his hopes playing soccer in college. Now 40 years later, Alex still suffers from pain in his left knee. Eleven percent of children ages have an ADHD diagnosis and 1 in every 5 boys will receive this diagnosis during their childhood. Most of these children will be put on some form of stimulant medication that can deplete the body of essential nutrients; impact sleep, appetite, and growth; and result in a whole host of negative side effects including anxiety, tics, rage, kidney and liver problems, manic episodes, and altered personality.

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It gets worse. If no one seems alarmed by that fact that one-fifth of our boys are walking the halls of their elementary schools on psycho-stimulant medications, surely, the drugging of babies will make somebody stand up and take notice? And it has. She plunged into a world where parents have found safe and natural healing modalities outside of the pharmaceutical model. Her son is now recovered from ADHD and apraxia. Jennifer began consulting and blogging with thousands of moms through social media to teach them about alternative and natural solutions for healing autism spectrum disorders.

There are many reasons for this, including the need for better treatments for PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. Psychedelics are psychoactive substances that produce hallucinations and an expansion of consciousness. LSD is the best known of these. Questions abound! What insights does this research provide into the way the brain and mind work? Does our brain chemistry allow entrance into other realms of existence? What is the utility of this and is it something we can control?

Can DMT be used as a treatment for psychiatric issues? This research is provocative, intellectually courageous, and expands the boundaries of science and medicine. It offers tantalizing insights about human consciousness and the metaphysical world. He discovered the first known role of melatonin in humans. In , he began US government-funded human research with psychedelics. Rick lives in western New Mexico.

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Many couples obtain their guidance from clinicians who perform routine tests and scans by stage of gestation. What can women teach each other about wellness? Are we suffering from a lack of heritable wisdom? Who is showing us how to believe in our bodies and our babies? Jeanne Ohm who has been mothering mothers and their loved ones for almost 35 years. This hour will undoubtedly leave you inspired by the simplicity of holistic medicine, and the radical empowerment that it offers. How have we been indoctrinated into the Western health paradigm? How can we think differently about our wellness?

What does a chiropractor bring to prenatal care? Is chiropractic safe for infants?

What can it help with? What are the most important things for women to know about perinatal health? Why do babies need it? She travels internationally teaching Doctors of Chiropractic specific skills to care for pregnant women and children, and is on post-graduate faculty for numerous chiropractic colleges. When parents try to talk about vaccine safety, they are quickly shot down pun intended.

In the media and in our neighborhood, risks are downplayed, parental fears are sidestepped, and name calling ensues. Typhoid Mary. These assertions are repeated by industry spokespeople and public health cops, but they are not supported by the evidence base. Parents want the straight story from true experts.

Can vaccines cause autism and chronic illness? Are all pediatricians required to vaccinate? What can parents do if they suspect a vaccine injury?