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This track was reformed in to help raise the qualifications of young people, improve their transition from school to a professional environment, and facilitate further study in higher education when relevant. Part of this course occurs in the work place where students gain hands-on experience and skills, which are defined by the framework of each diploma and assessed through exams. At the end of upper secondary, pupils sit for the vocational baccalaureate exam, similar to general and technological, which gives level IV end of secondary school certification see French Classification inset.

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A level V intermediary qualification CAP or BEP is taken at some point during the course of the three year period of study to ensure that each young person gains some qualifications. Young people can also work towards their vocational diploma through an apprenticeship at a Centre de Formation d'Apprentis CFA Apprentice Training Centres and day release to an employer. They have the status of young private sector employee and report to a head tutor, or can choose to work in the public sector. A vocational degree can also be prepared within the framework of an apprenticeship that alternates classroom work in an apprentice training center CFA and experience in a company.

The apprentices have then the status of young worker and are under the responsability of a supervisor.

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They can also be welcomed into public service. For more information about vocational training and its impact in France, click here. Another major reform at upper secondary schools includes two hours of personalised tailored support offered to all pupils if necessary. It is included in their timetable and does not add to their overall workload. This tailored option includes:.

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The latest news about french education policy , such as. Vocational French classification of the different levels of training Tailored Support. A new baccalaureate exam will be introduced at the session.

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The French Ministry of Education works with other educational authorities within France and around the world. This includes multi-country projects, working with EU policies, new educational policies and programmes at school, developping technology-based pedagogical practices, partnerships with the professional world to create internships and provide resources, and education in the different French territories.

Teacher training contributes to the quality of state education provision and the attainment of all pupils. At the heart of the implementation of the reforms of the school system and developed around national priorities, each year it is aligned with local authority action whilst responding to its own needs. For further information in French on "Teacher Training". Within the National Education Ministry, several institutional stakeholders contribute to developing innovation and experimentation to promote pupil attainment:.

For further information in French on "Innovation and Experimentation". Teaching with new technologies means being organised in a different way for the success of all pupils and a better school system. Over the last ten years the French Education Ministry has been rolling out flagship schemes - in partnership with local authorities - to help pupils and teachers to benefit from the added value of using new technologies in education.

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Teaching staff can draw on a network of ICT contacts at local authority level, supported at the national level by experts in the discipline to develop the use of new technologies. This work is conducted in partnership with the network of local authority and Inspectorate General ICT advisers.

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For further information in French on "Teaching with New Technologies". All education systems are now part of a constantly changing European and global context. The purpose is to train global citizens, to facilitate further study in another country, to enable job-seeking in an extended labour market.

Opening minds to the knowledge and understanding of the diversity of cultures and societies is a key part of the curriculum. Zaidman , p.

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Delalande , p. Ce sont les extraits de leur discours en lien avec cet espace et ce moment que nous allons maintenant analyser. Car, comme le remarque Zaidman , p. Joannin et Mennesson , p.