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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. The Man Behind the Badge — Rate This. Season 2 Episode All Episodes Director: John Peyser. Writer: David P. Classic Pre TV Viewed. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

The Man Behind the Badge

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Charles Bickford Warden Monahan Karen Steele Peggy Helen Kleeb Deputy Yvonne Doughty Miss Sampson Walter Kingsford Bartlett Jean Dean Edit Storyline The female warden of a womans prison struggles to rehabilitate imates but wonders if they are creating career criminals. Loved it.

Behind the Badge: Detective Sgt. Shannon Torres

Big City girl, Dr Kayla Morgan plans to rebel against everything and start living her life on her own terms. Small town Police Sergeant, Tom Jamieson offers himself to her as part of her rebellion! Kayla had kept avoiding Tom as she felt him to be a larger than life, domineering person who could take over her life and walk all over her.

She kept being drawn to his magnetic glances.


After a close call with death a few years previously, Tom had decided to stop the hard and fast life and was looking for the long haul. But he kept getting drawn to Kayla and the sadness he could glimpse in her eyes. Can Kayla be the wife Tom wants? For Kayla, Tom was like an addiction.

Deputy Carl Koontz: The man behind the badge - Local News - 13 WTHR Indianapolis

The more she saw of him, the more she wanted to see. After realizing that they were in too deep, she broke up with him. Sharon Archer is a terrific writer who creates likeable characters readers are sure to take to their hearts. She has delivered a yummy-to-die-for hero, who turned out to be such a sensitive, caring person, a strong, feisty heroine and rolled them in a story that is filled with emotion and sizzle! I absolutely loved this book, which had me from the 2nd page - unusual these days for me. I think that way Tom is able to overcome the barriers that his job places before him and Kayla, due to the experiences in her life with the ex-fiance and father being cops, was done brilliantly.

However, I do feel like in places having read this without reading Liz and Jack's story first did leave me feeling like I was missing something in places. All the same, this is the first title of Sharon's that I have I absolutely loved this book, which had me from the 2nd page - unusual these days for me. All the same, this is the first title of Sharon's that I have read and I will definitely be reading more now.

Feb 26, Amy Denim rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-romances-challenge. It's a good thing we've got an Aussie that married into the family, so I knew what a swag, and esky, a jumper and a some of the other Australian slang in this book meant. I did have to ask what 'cluckee' was though.

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It means wanting to have a baby. Why don't we have American slang for that. The story was predictable but fun. There was a bit of head hopping in the last couple of chapters though. This is my first medical written by Sharon Archer and it won't be my last. Oct 09, Sheri rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-series-romance. This was different in that the hero wanted to guide the romance to marriage. The heroine wanted a temporary relationship. He carefully orchestrated their relationship, drawing her in more and more.

His personality came through and he was a very likable guy. Stace rated it liked it Oct 27, Wendy Marcus rated it really liked it Aug 09, Kandy Shepherd rated it it was amazing Jun 10, Carol rated it did not like it Jun 16, Sheriff Isbell Scott McKay Jack Tyler Dorothy Sands Grace Spencer Gene Sultan Johnny Isbell Synopsis: The young son of a Texas sheriff receives a bad check from a prominent Texan and his father uncovers a fabulous swindle.

Paul, Minn.

Phillips Synopsis: A chief warrant officer with the military police stationed in Germany hunts the murderer of a German citizen. Detective Masterson Dorothy Donahue Claire Don Briggs Harold Pud Flanagan Billy John Gibson Ordway Katherine Raht Customer Synopsis: Detective John V. Masterson, chief of Cleveland's shoplifting detail, works on the case of a young boy. Finnegan William Thurnhurst Major Corning Leslie Barrett Lester Mapes Joe Maross Childres, an inspector for the Dade County building division, whose strict enforcement of the building code prevented additional disaster during the Florida hurricane of Dearborn, President of the National Safety Council.

Synopsis: Eugene Fanning, an Investigator for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, tracks down a hit-and-run driver who left his victim to die on the highway. Synopsis: U. Park Rangers track down armed robbers in the mountains. Deputy Warden Lorenz C. He has received a tipoff about a planned prison break. A house detective suspects it is an inside job. Anthony Perkins Synopsis: The junior deputy sheriffs help the senior officers of the community to trap a gang of teenage thieves.

Robert Butzler Billy Butterfield, Jazz trumpeter Behind the badge is a plain-clothesman Robert Butzler. As the camera takes along the "Street of Blues," we come face to face with the victims of the drug peddler. In tracking down the events behind the attack, the investigators discover a giant gambling ring. The "man behind the badge" is William A. Lang, chief investigator for Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Emporia is stirred up by the lies of a man who wants to take the ship over for political reasons. The captain, Soren Willesen, is the "man behind the badge" who tried to prevent the mutiny.

Moore Richard Bishop Hammond Henrietta Moore Stella Lynn Loring Daughter Synopsis: The policeman of the Hammond Circus becomes suspicious after a series of so-called "accidents" befall the performers.

Pat Garrett

Someone is trying to prove that the circus is jinxed. The sheriff tries to locate a runaway husband and reunite him with his bewildered family. A gang of smugglers is discovered operating between Maine and the European black market. Donahoe John Connell Herb Florence Sundstrom Phyllis Edwin Bruce Chuck Frank Dana Bill Richard Leone Mike Synopsis: Jack Donahoe, head of the robbery Detail of the Los Angeles Force attempts to track down a teenage gang that robs slum apartments and mansions. The gang's leader is a vicious cop hater.

Captain of the guards Ellsworth Herder tries to thwart the prison break of a murderer who has a reputation for being successful at "breaking out. Fogel Joe Helgesen Price Robert Lieb The Chief Ruth York Fogel Ernest Pamentier Andy Mason Adams Conrad Synopsis: Volunteer fireman Lt. Mandell Fogel of the Franklin Square and Munson volunteer fire dept. Traces of fluorescent paint seem his only clue.

The story tells of the devotion to duty of the volunteer.

Mary Rourke Douglas Rutherford Brad Benedict Humphrey Davis Fraser Synopsis: A beautiful policewoman risks a watery grave when she boards a so-called pleasure yacht and tries to smash a "floating crap game".