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It is as important, and also vital, as ever.


I think we can expect a lot of great music and art in general in the years to come. People need it. I need it. You need it. Everybody needs it. Even people that don't know they need it, need it. A- Super cool! This'll be our third Pouzza Fest. We had an awesome time partying in and , and we're psyched we get to do it again. BY are pals of ours and have been for a long while, and I've seen the Dirty Nil in Milwaukee a few times too. We got lucky they're both on our show. We've been friends with Jon Juneau, who booked us our first string of dates in Canada on our first tour back in I got a tattoo from David Cote in Guilhem and the Lost Love dudes have played with us a couple times, and our pal Max LeClerc hooked us up with pizza and a couple couches in Quebec City a long while back.

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Our shows in Quebec are always fun. A- I don't know, every time I try to talk about punk rock I get less punk, so trying to figure that out would probably kill my vision. A- "Bikeage," for sure. A- pouzza rules. Plain and simple. It's one of those few Moments in all of our dysfunctional rock and roll lives where everyone is all is the same place, catching up and smiling! Montreal as a whole rules, and I don't think me and the boys would be as excited if it wasn't Montreal.

A- man, I love the flatliners. I always have. Ain't missing that for the world. I'm bummed that we're gonna miss Two Cow Garage. Their new record is just perfect. Same with makewar. Never got to catch them and their records rule!

Top 20 Greatest L.A. Punk Albums of All Time: The Complete List - LA Weekly

The folks that come hang out at our shows are a family. I can name almost every single one at every show. I can tell you what they do.

They gave a shit about us when we were starting off, and they always have. That's family. Not fans. A- In ten years I hope bad religion is still playing shows. I hope nofx is still shouting. I hope we still can't understand half the words that come out of Tim Armstrongs mouth. And I sure hope pouzza is still running strong. A- You ever see airheads. Who will win in a fight? Lemmy or god. Trick question.

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I love every one. He was almost as passionate about the music as he was about his runts. He was no poser. McCabe hailed from Dana Point, California originally. He was affectionately referred to as "Super Dave" by some friends, and was known for being easy to get along with. The Knightenders reportedly intend to carry on without McCabe for now, though their future is uncertain.

In the meantime, the place where McCabe was found has been marked with candles as a testament to his memory. Subscribe to GroupChat, PopCulture.

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Check it out by clicking here or listen below. It features an extensive list of the songs he put into rotation on his show. I would consider this to be the most important album of punk-country fusion that emerged from Southern California.

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As the small renaissance of rockabilly and Americana in southern California went hand in hand with the punk scene, bands such as the Gun Club and X began mixing old blues standards with the speed and intensity of punk. With their album debut Damaged , Black Flag was at the forefront of hardcore punk in Southern California.

Punk rock in California

Magician overlays pop-friendly, Beach Boys-esque instrumentals with gloomy lyrics about getting eaten by sharks and doing acid with lesbians. This album reaffirms the often overshadowed San Diego music scene as worthy of recognition. Tijuana Panthers create a unique sound that encapsulates visiting the beach in the midst of an intense urban heatwave. A friend who attended the second festival in high school lent me this compilation, and I was immediately blown away.

This compilation provides an excellent introduction to the variety of music currently coming out of Orange County and Los Angeles. Melted is one of the best new additions to Southern California punk. The Corona-based trio broke into the SoCal scene in , and have been making waves ever since.