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So what? I did not understand what was happening. The longer I sat, the more distraught I became. If I could not have my toys and books, then maybe all of us should escape. Maybe we could all sneak one by one through a back window of the house into the orchard and then into the forest.

The Lost Sirens Of Long Beach, Ca.

After a while, seeing that no one watching me, I went on a scouting mission from window to window in the back of the house. To my amazement, outside each of them I saw one or two soldiers with rifles with fixed bayonets looking straight at me. Each one wore a hat with a red star in the front, the same red star worn by the soldiers who had burst into the house. I looked at them, but they just stared back at me without moving. They stood there like the tree trunks in our orchard. Their round faces were all the same, no smile and no expression at all.

As I moved from window to window, even the blank faces of the soldiers seemed to disappear.

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I could no longer distinguish people but saw only red stars and bayonets reflecting the dim moonlight. There was no escaping. If only Father were here, I kept thinking, he would shoot them all just as he did when they attacked Poland earlier. If only Jurek hadn't buried the guns. Someone put an arm around me. Startled, I turned.

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We have to leave in a few minutes. How is our father ever going to find us?

Odyssey of an Innocent - Stilling the Sirens of War Paperback

Who is going to take care of our house and feed my deer, the chickens, the ducks, and the geese? While we were packing, the soldiers made a list of our household possessions that included furniture, tools, and belongings we were not taking. Shortly before it was time to leave, the NKVD captain shoved it at Mother and demanded that she sign it.

When Mother asked why, the officer replied that it was necessary to show that he and his soldiers did not steal anything. Mother looked perplexed. Now you are taking our house and our furnishings, and you want me to sign papers that nothing was stolen? I do not understand what is happening. It is you who should be signing the inventory list for me. Whether Mother said this in earnest or whether she could no longer contain her indignation at what was happening to us, I will never know.

It was in any case a very dangerous thing to say.

Blood rushed to the captain's face, his eyes bulged, and foam appeared at the corners of his mouth. He looked like a possessed man just escaped from an asylum. Mother paled and started sobbing. Two Soviet soldiers stood next to her armed with their rifles, motionless, their faces without feeling. In all my seven years of life, I had never heard anybody scream like this or act so boorishly, particularly in front of a woman and children. So this is a Soviet, I thought to myself; this is what they're like. Scared for Mother's life, the three of us surrounded her, pleading with her to sign.

She looked at each of us with deep sadness and barely whispered, "Were it not for you children, I would never sign this paper. Still in a rage, the captain went into Father's study and brought out the framed picture of him in full military uniform, his saber at his side. He raised it above his head, smashed it on the floor in front of us, and stomped on it, raving in Russian as he did.

Then he turned back to us and hissed, "This is what the Soviet liberators will do with all you Polish lords and masters. As if prodded by a hot iron, they rushed to carry the books from Father's study, my bedroom, and the rest of the house, searching all its corners. They grabbed all our family pictures and paintings of Polish generals and famous battles and carried them into the back yard. A short time later, I saw the glare of flames lighting the back windows of our house. Map of Poland, August Despite Zosia's earlier gentle warning, I went closer to the windows to see what was happening.

TITONOS - Definition and synonyms of titonos in the Polish dictionary

Our books and pictures had been piled high and were being engulfed by fire. All the books full of enchanting stories that my family used to read to me, all the history books that taught me the greatness of Poland—they were shriveling into ash. Why were the Soviets doing this to us? Why did they hate us so much? Anger and frustration overtook me. Recalling a phrase used by my parents, I whispered to Jurek, "These Soviet soldiers behave like uncouth boors.

There he said, "Wiesiu, I am telling you for the last time to be quiet. If you love your mother, you will not say another word this night. Our suitcases, bundles, and three sacks of dried bread were lying in the middle of our front room. We put on extra sweaters, coats, and winter shoes so we would not have to carry them. Then we took as much as we could and walked out of our house for the last time.

Jurek, visibly shaken, tried to maintain his composure, but Mother, Zosia, and I wept as we entered the yard, our tears running faster when we saw Soviet soldiers everywhere. They loaded us into an army truck with four soldiers to guard us. As the truck pulled away, I looked at our home for the last time. Though its outline faded into the darkness of the night, I could still plainly see the red stars and the bayonets reflecting the moonlight.

The Odyssey

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University of Chicago Press: E. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri is a long allegorical poem in three parts or canticas : the Inferno Hell , Purgatorio Purgatory , and Paradiso Paradise , and cantos , with the Inferno having 34, Purgatorio having 33, and Paradiso having 33 cantos. Set at Easter , the poem describes the living poet's journey through hell, purgatory, and paradise. Throughout the poem, Dante refers to people and events from Classical and Biblical history and mythology , the history of Christianity , and the Europe of the Medieval period up to and including his own day.

A knowledge of at least the most important of these references can aid in understanding the poem fully. For ease of reference, the cantica names are abbreviated to Inf.

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Roman numerals are used to identify cantos and Arabic numerals to identify lines. This means that Inf. X, refers to line in Canto X or 10 of the Inferno and Par. While he is with the hospitable Phaiakians, in disguise, Demodokos tells a story about Odysseus. That is, Odysseus has become a hero, the subject of heroic poetry, in his own lifetime. Odysseus, who has been cut off from society for so many years, is shocked to realize that he has become the stuff of legend.