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The four players are able to design the tracks in architectural detail, each part locking into the rest with unerring precission, and this tautness keeps the album from sagging through its most challenging stretch. Village Voice. Through headphones or computer speakers, Caleb's echoey vocals just don't ring credible.

Their Black-Crowes-go-new-wave choruses are exciting enough, but they feel unearned after tiresome, oversung verses. Only By The Night is best viewed as a transitional record from a band who have quite literally done their growing up in public. All this publication's reviews. Slant Magazine. While their ambition for evolving remains admirable, their apparent failure to understand their own strengths is troubling and undermines the promise they showed on their previous efforts.

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Where surprises could be found with each previous release to give even casual fans something to appreciate, Only by the Night delivers an even serving of Ritalin coma stadium rock destined to raise their prime age demographic. User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: 59 out of Negative: 26 out of Pure greatness. It's almost as good as their debut. Simply brilliant. All of the band's albums before this were genius and nothing has changed.


Only by the Night is diverse and unique. Each Simply brilliant. Each track is totally different and it will be known as one of the best rock albums of our generation.

It's truly one of the best albums I have ever heard by one of the best bands I have ever heard. Well done, Kings of Leon. One of the strongest rock vocal albums in a while.

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KOl of my favourite band and i was eagerly anticipating this album yet apart from 'Use Somebody', 'Crawl', 'Cold KOl of my favourite band and i was eagerly anticipating this album yet apart from 'Use Somebody', 'Crawl', 'Cold Desert' and perhaps 'Closer' the rest is not up to their colossal standards that were shown on the last 3 albums. To me it seems rushed with too many leftovers from their last album. When you consider their their first 2 records, this is a zero. But rating it against the field, I still have to give it some credit, there When you consider their their first 2 records, this is a zero.

But rating it against the field, I still have to give it some credit, there are 3 or 4 songs I don't mind listening to. I call this record their "get laid and paid in America" record. Because that's all it's good for. Congratulations guys, you were my favorite band, and now you have 10x as many fans but they are all douche bags. So disappointing. Why do Kings of Leon suck now? Essential Links. By Metascore By user score.

When I used to do night shifts, I found that I could work late into the night. We worked hour shifts, but I could go back and get an hour of sleep and then be up again, bright and perky. As long as I had my one or two hours of sleep, I was refreshed and I was good to go.

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I could go out on a Saturday night and be out until 4 a. I wake up fully rested; I wake up as if nothing happened. Everyone else is still groggy and tired and hung over or whatever. The whole concept of sleeping for eight hours is just a foreign one.

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What are you doing? The world is passing you by. One time in a dream, I was shopping—and the shopping was going well. But someone tapped my shoulder in the dream and startled me, and that woke me up. I looked at the time, and it was my wake-up time.

You sleep for six hours or, for some people, seven hours. And then from there, the pattern carries on. So at least once a month, I have a long sleep. I went from sleeping three to four hours a night to sleeping six to seven hours a night. A lot of people who are depressed spend a lot of time sleeping.

My legs were sore; I was grumpy and hot. I was annoyed, and I was tired. I know how that kind of tired feels. I went to bed at 9 p. My husband is such a kind guy and so patient with me. He wakes up easily, so when he needs to get a proper sleep, he or I will sleep on the couch. When I tweeted about being a natural short sleeper, someone asked me how they can make themselves one.

I inherited this from my parents.