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The literary reference in honor of the writer, who once lived, died and is now buried in Baltimore, Maryland, overwhelming won a voting contest with more than 33, fans participating. Today, the two-time Super Bowl champs have one costumed mascot named Poe, but up until , there were two additional raven mascots: Poe's brothers Edgar and Allan.

Poe has been referenced numerous times throughout the DC Comic's history and even once appeared as a character trying to take down the Dark Knight.

The comedy sequel features a scene in which actor Eddie Murphy's title character, a veterinarian who can communicate with animals, holds a meeting to discuss how the creatures can save a forest. Incensed by a bear named Archie's perceived idiocy, a raven flies from the doctor's cabin, squawking, "Nevermore.

The crime drama used "The Raven" as a theme throughout its three-season run from until As early as the first episode, Kevin Bacon as a former FBI agent arrives at a gruesome crime scene where the word "nevermore" is written in blood on a wall. The perpetrator, a literature professor turned serial killer named Joe Carroll played by James Purefoy , forms a murderous Poe-inspired cult, and his last words in the series' finale were: "Quoth the raven Season 6 of the supernatural teen television series included multiple references to "The Raven.

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In one episode, husband and wife Vint and Naomi Harper reveal the school's fight song: "Go! Edgar Allan Poe! We will leave'em weak and weary, we will give'em midnight dreary. Will they ever top our score? Quoth the raven, Nevermore!

- The Washington Post

Author Keith R. DeCandido's novel is the first in a book series based on the dark fantasy television show Supernatural. Another depiction of a murderer taking cues from Poe's writing, the psychological crime thriller, which starred John Cusack as Poe, is perhaps the most on-the-nose pop culture reference to the classic.

Despite sharing a name with the narrative poem, the film follows a completely different plot, giving a fictionalized account of the events leading to Poe's death. Many of the writer's horror stories were based on a haunted reality.

The Were-Traveler

The writer died a mysterious death on October 7, Christopher P. Semtner, curator of the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA, offers 13 facts about the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise.

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McGregor, Ms. Niffenegger and the composer Gabriel Yared suggests that they were all enthralled by the experience. It begins promisingly with a sustained high-pitched sound underscoring the strangeness of the flickering gothic letters that spell out the opening line. The curtain lifts on a fairy-tale cutout cottage in sepulchral gloom, throwing a jagged shadow behind, and the postman we have been promised Edward Watson arrives.

From that moment it all goes wrong. McGregor has Mr. Watson a fabulously lithe, athletic performer walk, sit, eat a sandwich, sleep a bit, sort out his letters, go on his rounds on a bicycle. When, you wonder, is this story going to begin? Why the bird is first a child Mirabelle Seymour and then an adult Olivia Cowley may be clear in the graphic novel by Ms. Niffenegger released before the premiere , but it is not clear in the ballet, in which a pas de deux with the little raven is simply succeeded by a pas de deux with the suddenly older one, and a conclusion in which an egg descends.

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  5. Now we have their daughter, the Raven Girl Sarah Lamb — not quite woman, not quite bird, unable to speak or fly — and the real start of the tale. But at this point we are well into the ballet and mired in its sluggish pace and narrative puzzles. When a doctor Thiago Soares gives Raven Girl wings, is she able to fly?

    The Ravens' Spoils - Part 6 - A Plague Tale: Innocence

    Is she happy? When a boy Paul Kay who silently loves her kills the doctor, does she die too?