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Relationships : Sex. The things that get us and others sexually excited can often sound rather improbable and mysterious. And yet we know perfectly well that things like these can feel essential to sex. The surface improbability of the elements that incite lust is not merely a fascinating feature of the human condition. It is a cause of intimate trouble.

How can we possibly explain to those we love the many odd-sounding things we want? Why do we even want them? We can be intensely disturbed by the direction of our own thrills.

In normal life, we may be deeply opposed to cruelty and violence, and then in fantasy, we find to our horror that we are powerfully excited by the idea of being set upon by a rough, gun-toting intruder. Sigmund Freud was one of the first people to take seriously our confusion and worries around sex. But he did this at very high cost.

Sexual Arousal

His analyses of why we get excited were deeply contrary to any conscious reasons we might arrive at, often involving explanations pulled from deepest childhood, and made us sound so odd to ourselves that he unwittingly created incentives for further repression. There is no need for further mystery or shame. The suggestion here is that sexual excitement is in fact fairly easy to understand and not at all contrary to reason.

It is continuous with many of the things we want in other areas. Though our erotic enthusiasms might sometimes sound odd or even off-putting , they are in fact motivated by a search for the good, a search for a life marked by understanding, sympathy, trust, unity, generosity and kindness. The Anxiety: Glasses are symbols of thoughtfulness and seriousness.

The worry is whether these sort of people have any time for us.

They may be too important to pay us and our desires much attention. The Erotic: Yet many sections of erotic websites feature people in glasses. Because when glasses are invited into sex, a natural — and important — anxiety is being addressed and temporarily resolved: the worry that thoughtfulness and seriousness on the one hand, and bodily excitement on the other might be incompatible.

Chapter 1 - Lessons in Love - Arousal Tutorial

The imagined solution is that the person in glasses can turn out to be not only thoughtful but also extremely interested in sex and the body. Sex with glasses symbolises that the life of the mind is not separate from that of sensual pleasure, that sensitivity and seriousness can be properly reconciled with, and profoundly sympathetic to intimacy.

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The Anxiety: We often fear that authority will be hostile to us, that it will not understand or sympathise with our needs. The researcher did an audio-visual stimulation as much as 1 time a day at Based on video recordings, then response times or arousal times into scratching behavior toward his sexual organs such as penis and anus by his hands and their behavior-duration analysed by using real time player in seconds.

Sexual Response Cycle: Sexual Arousal, Orgasm, and More

Result and conclusion. So far, these result will have implication that if the number of repetitions of the stimulus decreased thus kept the stimulus novelty level still then the arousal times into the sexual response scratching behavior will be faster, and the duration of the sexual response scratching behavior will be longer as the number of repetitions of the stimulus decreases. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation.

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Excitement stage

In the excitement stage, the body prepares for sexual activity by tensing muscles and increasing heart rate and blood pressure. In the male, blood flows into the penis, causing it to become erect; in the female, the vaginal walls become moist, the inner part of the vagina…. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.