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Overseer's Mission

Store Page. Global Achievements. Shockal View Profile View Posts. The final boss is the Overseer. Most players knows that by now, but many see it as an antagonistic entity. Personally, I don't think it is. It's more of a guider. Inside the Hall of History The rooms before the boss fight you can see multiple phases of the Earth, the last phase being a barren, destroyed planet, superficially resembling Mars.

Considering the game is called 'ARK', we can see this as a reference to Noah's Ark which preserved animal life. A rumbling question always knocked me however: 'Why would the Overseer be so accessible to players? Shouldn't it be locked up and impossible for any human contact to touch it? The answer may be no. The Overseer is not trapping you. It wants you to be better. It wants to teach you the harsh way through the Island's many predators and boss fights, hence the name 'Evolved' in the game's title.

A supporting evidence to this theory are the Beacon Drops. It's the Overseer that's dropping them. It wants you to get better. After all that pain the player has gone through during boss battles and gearing up TEK tier for the final fight, the Overseer welcomes you to its lair.

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It literally welcomes you. The TEK cave is clearly visible outside the Volcano. It would have been much more hidden if it didn't want players to enter it, but considering it's so easy to spot, it feels like it wants you to know it's there waiting for you. Not an Island, but an artificial ecosystem. Nothing stops you from learning these, therefore the Overseer might have intentionally wanted to the player to know the truth.

Then, there is the boss battle for the Overseer itself. When approached, it takes the form of a hologram of the Island before morphing into its true self. When defeated, it actually doesn't die. It simply turns into a hologram again. It creates an image of the dead Earth being surrounded by many space machines. The Overseer is informing you what happened with our home planet. Now it has accepted you have bested it, and warmly teaches us about what the machines have done to preserve the life of planet Earth.

This is not like the Matrix where the robots wanted to be the rulers.

The robots in this game want humans to become great again. When its holographic display of the dead Earth finishes, the Overseer flings you into space as an ascended player. Could be that this will be an ongoing quest as new and different locations show up with patches. I was wondering the same.

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Do I need to start a specific quest? I believe there is one on the 4th floor as well. I found the holotape at fort defiance a couple of days ago but now, in the challenges menu, it says I still need to find it. I went back to fort defiance to see if it had respawned there but the overseers stash is empty so I have no way of getting the holotape. Has this happened to anyone else? Yes, I am currently experiencing the same glitch.

It's very frustrating. There are actually 2 in fort Defiance, the first is Allagheny and the second is fort defiance. Cake Day.

‘I’m Not There Yet’

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Finding all Overseer's Logs for the mission Overseer's Mission. Allegheny C. Continue this thread. Where is this? Where did you find the Allegheny one? You are missing Firebase. Where did you find the alleghany one?