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I write books that become screenplays to be produced & directed into TV shows and/or Movies for your Edutainment!! Actors, Producers, Directors, People of the.

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Beautiful flowers blooming 6. Open windows - listening to the bees and birds 7. Reading, writing and daydreaming 8. Warm rainy days 9. Going on walks and looking out for wild flowers and butterflies Wearing flower crowns Spending more time outside Feeling more energized and happier.

Spring finally gets me ready, planned and excited for the year to come! Having an aesthetic is personal and unlikely to be identical to someone else's vision or idea of beauty. Therefore it is difficult to show others your idea of beauty without them feeling and seeing something how you do. I have found the best way to do this is through images and videos or songs and sounds or possibly both. Nevertheless I will try my hardest to express my personal aesthetics and tastes My style is girly because I love vintage girly pastel type items.

I am delicate and so are my clothes and possessions. I also love watching Sailor Moon or similar anime shows whilst eating ramen and dreaming of one day visiting Japan. I would consider myself a nerd because of my love for films, programmes and books like: The x Files and Sherlock. The second part of my style is very travel adventurous and free. I have always been someone who doesn't go out much or venture far but deep down I have an inner strong impulsive side that is constantly pushing to get out. Travelling through America taught me I can travel alone and that I can do more than I imagine.

However, I am not the type to choose a holiday because it's cheap or easy. I like to venture through less popular places. I like road trips, sun, beaches, the desert and anything that would be considered out of the ordinary.

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When I travel I want to be able to go where I please, eat what I like, wear pretty clothes in the sun, see through sunglasses, stick my head out of the window of a car, listen to Lana Del Rey on full blast with the wind messing up my hair, go to little cafe's at any time of day or night, stargaze in the middle of nowhere or read a book on a beach I want to feel free.

So, overall I am a girly, vintage, nerdy, adventure dreamer! Please take time to figure out what you enjoy through wonderful creations like music and art! Thank you for reading Do You Live To Dream Or Dream To Live? The smallest of things can cause someone to dream, but all the same, it will not be caused by anything. It must be special Therefore we mustn't call it a dream, we must call it a plan What causes one to dream? Is it watching a plane fly across the sky? Listening to an enchanting song? Reading a delightful book? Seeing family and friends?

Listening to your grandparents tell old stories? Looking at photos of past holidays? Seeing beautiful photos online?

The film with the wonderful captivating establishing shot? Or staring up at a dreamy starry sky? What makes you dream? Personally for me, a dream can be caused by many things! An example may be nostalgia. Maybe by an old photograph from many years ago from when I was a young child. Staring down at the old distorted photo of an innocent girl Possible sounds and images echo through my mind, making me yearn for a time that has faded away into a frozen image on an old photograph - trying to stand the test of time. A dream needs an answer, it cannot be left to fester and decay.

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Like a flower it must be encouraged and left to grow with reason. Don't let your inner garder wither and die Don't let life wait for you The excitement of Christmas and a New Year has been and gone Usually I find this season beautiful but this year I just find myself craving summer I am eager for the sun and lusting after adventures! Nevertheless, here's a list of little things I like to enjoy during this season: 1. Ice Skating 2. Snow 3. Reading a good book somewhere warm 4.

Watching and listening to a fire crackle and burn 5. Movie days 6. Staying in bed all day 7. Shopping 8. Yummy foods and sweet treats 9.

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Dressing pretty and cosy Spending time with those I love. Remembering back to childhood laughter and silliness.

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Those almost forgotten sounds and emotions echo through your body, almost paralising you like a deep snake bite, freezing you in a long-since lived memory. So much time has passed It feels like something someone else lived and experienced. Are we supposed to remember it all fondly and possibly sugar coat it or let a feeling of melancholy cover the untouched and unchangable past, like dew covering the ever so green grass on a cool morning.

Goosebumps and my personal favourite's The Simpsons, Friends and of course The x Files! Just hearing one of these opening theme songs feels like I'm mentally creating a worm hole and taking myself back to the moment that triggered my nostalgia. But instead of simply re living the moment, I am like a ghost On the other hand in terms of music The love I have for the music I currently listen to is strong but the music I was brought up to and which carried me through my high school years through all the stress, pain and tears will always be an intense burning part of me and the very essence of my soul.

However nostalgia may make you feel The x Files is a wonderful show that tackles many past and present conspiracy issues they even create some new ones as well. I am captivated by how they change their endings from what the audience expects to surprising them completely. I have spent many countless nights searching the internet and reading many drawn out web pages on dark unnerving stories that are simply unexplained mysterys From the ghostly paranormal to spooky UFO sightings Do we need to know the truth for the sake of all humans or is it human nature to yearn to know what we simply may never know?

Or on the other hand is it just me? Me and my hidden desire to waste my life away kept in a dark room with the walls covered in newspaper articles and print out's from all throughtout history. Webing them together with string like my very own spider web, trying to figure out how each story and item of information might be linked together to form some kind of truth.

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Do I need to open up a real x files to satisfy my desire for the unknown In the end What is the truth??? My favourite things about Autumn: 1. Halloween 2. Bonfire Night 3. Pumpkin flavoured everything 4. Wearing wooly, warm autumn coloured clothes 5. Walking on crunchy autumn leaves Yummy warm drinks 7. Bonfires 8. Movie Nights 9. Nice smelling candles Apple picking Cool weather Fires Full moons Scarecrows Baking autumn flavoured treats. I know first hand how awful that can feel.

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Just remember to try and look around at this beautiful orange time of year and know that not every person get's to experience it's beauty the way it's meant to be so hopefully you're one of the lucky ones. Halloween is a spooky scary night of activities including: trick-or-treating, attending Halloween costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, divination games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films.

What an unusual time of year, a time that brings out everybody's inner spooky side.