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I write books that become screenplays to be produced & directed into TV shows and/or Movies for your Edutainment!! Actors, Producers, Directors, People of the.

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She will be joined by other contributors to the anthology and discuss travel planning and writing.

The Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 10

Come prepared to laugh, listen, share and be entertained while enjoying wine and cheese! She also teaches writing and journaling workshops. For more information, visit her website. Erin Byrne writes travel essays, poetry, fiction and screenplays. Her screenplay, Siesta , is in pre-production in Spain. She is working on the novel, The Red Notebook. Sunday, October 4 th at 4 P. Her screenplay, Siesta, is in pre-production in Spain.

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She has written for numerous publications, and is the editor of four Seal Press anthologies on France, Italy, Mexico, and Greece and author of the novel, The Last Cannoli. Previous blog entries include press and events only. A noted traveler and writer, Dr. Wilson-Howarth explores such issues as sanitizing unhealthy water, safely consuming exotic foods, avoiding dehydration, keeping good hygiene on the road, and immunization.

A special section details the dreaded creatures -- spiders, leeches, worms -- that can put any tour into a tailspin. With special tips for children and elderly.. Read More. Price incl. Add to My List. Added to Cart.

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The Best Travel Writing, Volume 10 is the latest in this Travelers' Tales series launched in to celebrate the world's best travel writing -- from Nobel Prize winners to emerging new writers. The points of view and perspectives are global, and themes encompass high adventure, spiritual growth, romance, hilarity and misadventure, service to humanity, and encounters with exotic cuisines and cultures. With an Introduction by Don George. Special Order. Special Order items are usually fulfilled in weeks. Cannot combine other item s in one order. Wherever they go, they ask this question.

Everyone has a story, and some are truly extraordinary. Strange Tales of World Travel recounts 50 of these Bizarre, Mysterious, Horrible, Hilarious encounters, including: li Daring Diplomat, who ate the flesh of the venomous cobra bird in the Sahara Desert li Pearl Trader, who survived a fever through a harrowing "human" honey treatment in Oman li Agent Ghost, who was shot and left to die in a garbage dump in Afric.. Told in a series of stylish, original essays, New York Times travel bestseller Places in France Every Woman Should Go is for the serious Francophile and anyone who loves crisp stories well told.

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Like all great travel writing, this collection goes beyond the guidebook and offers insight not only about where to go but why to go there. Combining advice, memoir, and meditations on the glories of traveling through France, this book is the must-have for anyone--woman or man--voyaging to or just dreaming of France.

Award-winning writer Marcia DeSanctis draws on years of travels and life in France to lead you through vineyards, architectural treasures, fabled gar.. Imagine creating an Italian dream vacation with a fun-loving savvy traveler girlfriend whispering in your ear. Go with writer Susan Van Allen on a femme-friendly ride up and down the boot, to explore an extraordinarily enchanting country where Venus Vixen Goddess of Love and Beauty and The Madonna Nurturing Mother of Compassion reign side by side.

With humor, passion, and practical details, this uniquely anecdotal guidebook will enrich your Italian days. Enjoy masterpieces of art that glorify womanly curves, join a cooking class taught by revered grandmas, shop for ceramics, ski the Dolomites, or paint a Tuscan landscape. Make your trip a string of Golden D.. La Dolce Vita University LDVU is the perfect sampler for anyone curious about or already in amore with Italy and its remarkably rich cultural gifts, both past and present.

True to its lighthearted name, La Dolce Vita "U" is all about pleasurable learning, or what we prefer to call "edu-tainment. Even the most erudite Italophile will discover fun new facts and fascinating new insights in the pages of La Dolce Vita U.

TRAVEL JOURNALS: "How To" Guide For Beginners (2019)

Mini-essays treat specific topics in one or more of the following subject areas: the Italian c.. Divided into five world regions, The World Is a Kitchen explores the gastronomic side of travel. These true tales by noted writers cover everything from learning how to make coconut bread in an outdoor kitchen in Polynesia, to teaching Japanese housewives how to make salsa, to training under one of the world's top chefs, to trying mightily to impress one's in-laws by preparing snails.

A wealth of recipes and a resource and reference section for finding cooking schools, classes, and culinary vacations are included. An eighteen-year-old woman named Franca Viola made history in as one of the first " metoo" heroines of modern times, when she refused to go along with a centuries-old forcible marriage custom in Sicily. Having endured kidnap and rape, she publicly defied the expectation that she would marry the rapist to "restore her broken honor. In Natalie Galli's The Girl Who Said No , Viola's remarkable story unfolds when the author arrives in Palermo to search for this brave heroine, with little more than the memory of a tiny article she had spotted two decades prior.

Galli wanted to know: whatever ha.. Since publishing the original edition of A Woman's World in , Travelers' Tales has been the recognized national leader in women's travel literature, and with the launch of the annual series The Best Travel Writing in , the obvious next step was an annual collection of the best women's travel writing of the year. This title is the eleventh in that series--The Best Women's Travel Writing --presenting stimulating, inspiring, and uplifting adventures from women who have traveled to the ends of the earth to discover new places, peoples, and facets of themselves.

The Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 11: True Stories from Around the World (Paperback)

The common threads connecting these stories are a female perspective and fresh, compelling stor.. In Cruise Confidential, Brian David Bruns spills the dirt -- or in this case, the dirty water -- on those romantic, fun-filled vacations at sea. His hilarious chronicle of the year he spent working for Carnival Cruise Lines takes readers down into the areas where the crew works and lives, leaving readers gasping with laughter as they're assaulted nonstop with events that range from the absurd to the utterly bizarre.

Stewards fighting over food. Cutlery allowances and other nonsensical rules. What the crew calls those onboard no, it's not "passengers". And of course, the sex.

An abundance of ready, willing, and able bodies eager for action on a vessel replete.. It follows countries that dissolved, formed, and reformed. Lands that were conquered and subjugated by Fascists and Nazis and nationalists. Lives lived in exile, in refugee camps, in new worlds. Tania Romanov's story clarifies the history and geography of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro by pulling you into the lives of real people.